Tuesday, August 30

ToyCameraPlay Blog is moving to Boxfotos.com!

It's time to let you all know that I'm moving ... moving to our new website Boxfotos where Becky and I have created a new business website for our art and it's a website and blog all in one. We're consolidating so we can better manage and create something new, better and more interesting.




All future blog posts will be done on our boxfotos site. Becky's blog posts will also be done out of our Boxfotos site. With that said, we would appreciate all of our followers to jump on over and follow us on boxfotos.com. There you'll know all the latest news and happenings about us. So what are you waiting for? 

I want to say thank you for the "follow" of ToyCameraPlay.blogspot.com ... it was a blast to do and will always be special to me. ToyCameraPlay will live on as my name and I'll still have toycameraplay.com as my official website.

I hope you'll follow US on Boxfotos.com as we team up on our new adventure and seek our mobile Airstream gallery ... Alternative works. Alternative spaces. 

This is not good-bye but HELLO on a new and exciting site that will take us to new heights!

So, I leave you with Hello!

boxfotos.com (blog & happenings - all the cool stuff)
toycameraplay.com (website to see works & purchase art)
twitter.com/toycameraplay (follow me on twitter)
toycameraplay.tumblr.com/ (follow me on tumblr)

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