About Matt

Professional newspaper marketing photographer working with toy cameras of all types (Holga, Diana, Polaroid, iPhone, Argus Bean, etc.). Why you ask? Why not. It's a blast!

Matt was given a professional Nikon camera and darkroom outfit before he reached age 10. Both his father and brother were avid photographers. He attended the University of South Florida and obtained a B.A. degree in photojournalism. He has worked for The Tampa Tribune (Media General) for more than 25 years. Currently he holds the position of Community Partnerships Manager for the Tribune, News Channel 8 and TBO.com.

Twenty years after his undergraduate degree, he completed his MBA degree at Saint Leo University. Larson admits that his discovery of plastic toy cameras reignited his love for photography and has brought him back to those early years of just having fun playing around in the darkroom and making art. His blog, ToyCameraPlay.blogspot.com is a testament to his passion for toy cameras.

                                             Matt Larson (aka ToyCameraPlay)