Saturday, August 27

Boardwalk at Sulphur Springs Park, (c) 2011 Matt Larson
Holga Pinhole Wide Angle Camera with frames removed

I really like my new Holga Pinhole Wide Angle camera. Above is a shot I did today a few miles up the street at a local park. I shot two rolls of film for I wasn't sure how how far to advance the film. The first roll tested that issue, while at the same time dialed in my exposure and possessing time. I really think I'm going to be shooting with this camera more often now. This was shot in bright sunlight around 2 p.m. and you'll never know it ... looks like early morning fog. If you haven't tried this camera yet ... you may want to check it out at HolgaDirect. This test took all day for I had to run to the local and only photo store in Tampa for some chemistry. This was a very satisfying day!

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