Monday, August 22

Hongkong Post from HolgaDirect!

I received my package today from the Hong Kong Post! Three new Holgas to play with and test. I really can't wait to test these cameras and share the results and photos with you guys! This order is from HolgaDirect. 

 Hongkong Post

 I ordered 2 Holga-120 PCs & 1 Holga-120 WPC 

Right out of the box the cameras are screaming at me to take them on a shoot. Hang on guys, soon enough.

 The Holga-120 Wide Pinhole Camera

I'm so impressed with the quality of these cameras! Wow, seriously well made at first appearance.

 Bottom view of the Holga Wide Pinhole Camera

Nice tripod mount on the bottom of the 120-WPC--it has a small mounting plate on the bottom so that the camera can easily be mounted on a tripod. And the shutter action is so smooth and designed to take a cable release ... wonder where mine is?

 Top view of the Holga Wide Pinhole

The top is designed and gives you a shooting "angle of view" so that you'll have an idea of what will be in the frame. I'm surprised to see a bubble level opposite the film winder on the top of the camera. I don't use levels but I'm sure someone will find that handy. 

I have to go shoot some film and I'll let you know how it performs ... I'll do a little review.

Closeup of the Lens without the cap (f/135)

On the inside, the pinhole lens is not just glued into place like I thought it would be. It's on a mounting board and has little screws so that you can take it off. It appears, one could easily add their own if needed with a larger or smaller aperture.

Exciting stuff ... I just wanted to share some photos right away with you guys and stay tuned for photos and a short review! So far, I'm really impressed with the cameras I received today and I hope Becky likes the new pinhole Holga I got her!

Until later ... I've got to go mail my next set of blocks off to Art-O-Mart now.

I wanted to also give a shootout to Rick B at HolgaDirect ... thanks Rick! Nice stuff!


stuckwithyourface said...

nice holga :)

Rick said...

Happy to hear you received the cameras. Looking forward to seeing some images :-)

Rick @ HolgaDirect

Frank said...

The cameras exceeded your expectaions so we expect some great images. (Need a cable release or a few long lens to experiment with...still have my "collection.")

Toy Camera Play said...

Rick, I'm really liking these and can't wait to get some time out shooting. Thanks again.

Frank, let's go shooting this weekend!

Clair said...

Good times! Can't wait to see the photos!