Tuesday, August 16

Survived the Sleep Test

(c) Matt Larson, 2011
iPhone Hipstamatic + AutoStitch Apps

So last night I checked into the local hospital to take my Sleep Test because someone says I'm impossible to be next to while in sleep mode. I don't believe it, but so it goes. 

As all of you know, where Matt goes ...  so does his iPhone. So, what an opportunity to make some images. Here's one I'll share showing me all wired up. Yes, it's awful but I did survive. The second exposure is of my wonderful cott bed and yes, it was totally brutal. Awful. Uncomfortable and anything else horrible you can think of ... and squeaky too. 

I learned last night, while being wired up ... it appears there can be some serious medical issues if sleep problems go unchecked. So I'm proud to have had the opportunity to take care of something that should have been checked off the list long ago. How about you? 

This is my public service announcement to bring sleep issues to the forefront--even if they don't effect us (me, that I know of) but instead our loved ones. Do yourself a favor, if you have issues, breathing, not breathing, snoring and just plain not being able to sleep. Get it checked. Next week ... the colonoscopy!  (kiddin')   More on the sleep photos soon ... and the cheerful results.

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Toy Camera Play said...

... it's been a week and I still haven't heard my results. In the meantime, at 10 pm bedtime lastnight did help me today. Maybe I'm just not sleeping enough.