Monday, March 28

National Portrait Gallery!

(c) Matt Larson, Tall Ships, iPhone

Well, my little project has taken me (aka ToyCameraPlay) all the way to Washington! Below is an email I received today from a new collector, John Wachtel. Thanks John for the email! I love hearing stories from folks that have purchased one of my pieces. Very cool indeed.

(c) Matt Larson, Art-O-Mat Artist Bio

"You can add another city to your list! Washington, DC at the National Portrait Gallery A co-worker of mine told me about the Art-O-Mat and said there was one in the National Portrait Gallery, which happens to be a couple blocks from our office. Three of us stopped over during lunch and each purchased "an art". I have mine at my desk to spruce the place up. It also serves as a little reminder during the day that there is a whole world outside my cubicle wall, even if I don't see it. My particular photograph is of a ship's mast with a blue sky and clouds in the background. Thank you so much, we were all inspired!"
John Wachtel, Washington D.C.

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