Thursday, March 24

BOXFOTOS Launches This Month!

Rebecca and I have had a vision for several years now about having our "own space" where we could exhibit works of photography that we thought were relevant to the genre of alternative works on paper in contemporary art.

Our growing collection was the spark of it actually in that we realized we were basically curating our own exhibition in our home/studio. As collectors, we learned early on to buy what we liked and buy what we could afford. Our works are small in nature but solid, strong works by regionally and nationally known artists (photographers, print makers, etc.).

It was a gathering at our house with a local museum's collectors group that confirmed to us we were on the right track. It was a wonderful evening and we realized our "home exhibition" was just that to the group -- an exhibition. We returned to our sketch book of ideas for our future gallery and BOXFOTOS was launched a month later.

Boxfotos will be "a space" and that space will change over time (we have some fun ideas down the road), where we will share with our readers and followers art (works on paper) and artists we enjoy having on our walls. You'll get to see exhibitions, be able to purchase the works from the exhibitions, get an occasional book review, meet an artist we feel you should get to know, discovers our LOVES, go on a photo trip with us and much, much more. For this alternative space can be so much more than a physical space. That in itself is exciting!

So we hope you FOLLOW our new Alternative Space and see and enjoy exciting works of art from our colleagues and artist friends. Subscription is FREE and you don't have to get a baby sitter, get all dressed up, fight for parking or pay an admission fee to visit us. So sit back and come on over to our space for a visit ... wear what you have on. Just click here!

Alternative Works.
Alternative Spaces.

Matt Larson

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