Sunday, May 2

Return to the Darkroom

Environment Portrait
Lana Aquarelle, 140 lb.
Salt Print, 2010

After many months of avoiding the darkroom, I've found a process that has me all fired up again--making salt prints. Thanks to F295 Studio! Lots of testing to make a digital negative dense enough for the process, but I think I'm getting closer. This one, the exposure got a away from me but in good light, it shows really well. I normally wouldn't print that dark but I'm liking it a lot the more I look at it. This is from my favorite spot to shoot on Gandy Blvd. on the St. Pete side ... a place we used to call "The Rocks." More testing, more to come ... soon, very soon.


R.P. said...

I like it a lot...eww eww I want to learn, I want to learn!!! looking forward to seeing more

Toy Camera Play said...

Thanks! Becky has done a lot on her log. She's liking the lighter touch--exposures. Thanks for stopping by!

Toy Camera Play said...