Monday, April 19

Calotype Workshop at F295 in Pittsburgh

Becky and I had a wonderful long weekend in Pittsburgh this past weekend! We both took a Calotype Workshop with Dan Estabrook. Check out the link.

What a blast. as the link mentions, it's a difficult process and the one that Talbot used and perfected more than 100 years ago--the beginning of photography folks ... that's pretty cool.

Tom Persinger who runs F295 Studio puts on some incredible workshops--be sure to check out the site and become a fan.

Below is a setup I did of three leaves on fishing line in a doorway. It was hailing in Pittsburgh last Saturday and it was cold--so my shot involved shooting from the inside to the outside. I was thinking of "falling leaves" and the woods in the distance ... thought it would make a good setup.

My still life setup of "Falling Leaves"
4x5 camera is inside, leaves in doorway suspended on fishing line

Calotype Paper Negative, 2010

Calotype Paper Positive
"Falling Leaves", 2010

Salt Print from Calotype Paper Negative
"Falling Leaves"
, 2010

In the weeks to come, we plan to make more Calotypes and Salt prints ... the ideas are coming too fast for both Becky and me. We're letting it all soak in ...

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