Monday, April 5

Art-O-Mat Sales

I'm really enjoying my Art-O-Mat experience and this past week received my first check!

I've also been receiving emails from customers (now friends) letting me know where they purchased my work shot from all my various cameras. It's fun, if you're not promoting your work through Art-0-Mat, you might be missing an opportunity to promote your blog or website. Check them out, Art-O-Mat, they're a great group to work with and extremely professional.

Matt Larson, Holga Images on blocks
Printed on Polaroid Zink Printer
Activity Report showing sales
(c) Matt Larson, 2010

My activity report above shows I've sold at the following locations:
COCA, St. Louis, MO
Miami Universities, Miami, FL
Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, FL
Tennessee Performing Arts, TN
Art-O-Carton (collector set), NC

So, if any of these locations are near you, pick one up for just $5 and start your own collection. Don't forget to shoot me an email if you get one of mine.

Thank you for all of you who have purchased and let me know! Much appreciated.


carol welch said...

Thanks Matt!

You make it easy to work with you! :-D

Hope you continue with the project. Looking forward to more of your work...and Rebecca's too.

~carol :-)

Toy Camera Play said...

Yes, we're having a great time! I need to order more blocks and get it going again! Too much fun.

Thanks for all you guys do! Great project and lots of fun.

BuniGrrl said...

Hi Matt! I just received one of your Art-O-Mat works from a friend in Northampton, MA. It's one of the garden statue at Middleton Place. It's lovely!

Toy Camera Play said...

More emails coming in from folks! Thank you, thank you for letting me know where and when you got your art! Much appreciated. Trading pieces is good too. Love to collect these.