Wednesday, March 10

Biennial V, Museum of Florida Art

Museum of Florida Art
Biennial V
April 9 - May 30, 2010

Received a GREAT email today! Entered two pieces in this year's Biennial V at the Museum of Florida Art in DeLand. The piece below was selected. Some of you may remember this image was used on my blog header a while back. I should have the my Polaroid book completed by the time the show opens. Congrats to Becky too (Rebecca Sexton Larson)--we're both in!

Polaroid #72, #73 & #74
(c) Matt Larson, 2008

Museum of Florida Art
600 N. Woodland Blvd.
DeLand, Florida 32720
P-386.734.4371 • F-386.734.7697


charles said...

lovely polaroid. Congratulations on getting it selected

Toy Camera Play said...

Thanks! We'll see what happens.