Friday, January 1

Polaroid 600 Image to Photogravure

Today was a special treat and an awesome way to start the new year. We visited Bleu Acier this afternoon for a demonstration by Erika Greenberg-Schneider on the photogravue process. The treat was not only that, but Becky has passed on two of our images for Erika to use in the demo. Wow! I'm hooked.

It was great to experiment with image-making and see an image extended in such a way to become so much more than what it was originally.

I've always professed it's not all about the quality of the camera and the camera was a tool in which to make the image. At least this is usually the talk I give when doing the Great American Teach-In. The kids always get a kick out of learning I shoot with plastic cameras or just an iPhone. Their faces are priceless.

Initial Test Print, Polaroid 600 Image
Printed as a Photogravure
(c) Matt Larson, 2010

Anyway for today, a special ToyCameraPlay thanks for Erika for taking the time to show me the ropes this afternoon on the photogravue process, seeing the press, the plate polishing, etc. Becky says I looked like the amazed little kid. Love that!

Here's a little bit from Bleu Acier's website below ... make sure you check it out! Specially if you're a collector of works on paper--it's the best around!

Atelier Bleu Acier, a collaborative and contract studio owned and operated by Erika Greenberg-Schneider, supports the following techniques in printmaking: Intaglio, Photogravure, Lithography, Photolithography, Relief and Monotype. As a collaborative Master Printer, she has worked with artists such as Matta, Dubuffet, Pierre Alechinsky, Dominique Labauvie, Max Neumann, Bernar Venet, Beverly Pepper, Georg Baselitz, Chuck Close, Paula Scher, Sylvie Eyberg, Jovi Schnell and Robyn Voshardt/Sven Humphrey.

Erika, thanks so much for this special day! And we can't wait to get our Dominique Labauvie print we bought from your last opening!


charles said...

That must have been a fascinating visit and the the print looks beautiful.

Mark said...

Have you checked out

Toy Camera Play said...

No,but I have now. Joined the feed. Thanks!!

C Gary Moyer said...

Very slick, looks great!

Todd said...

So glad that this was possible. I love the soft tones of photogravures--it would seem like a great match for your work.