Sunday, January 17

Coming very soon ... launch of new website!

Very close to launching my new website that will support my blog.

Stay tuned. It will be a place where I can group my photo projects so that they can be viewed as mini portfolios. Images will also be for sale through Paypal--think of that, an easy way to contact me and inquire about purchasing so that you can add to your personal art collection.

I think of it as a way to peak in my flat file to view a completed body of work (like the image below titled, "Flight") ... an online gallery. I think and hope you'll like it. Let me know ... stay tuned.

Holga Toy Camera
B/W Toned Siver Print
Edition of 15, starting at $500
(c) Matt Larson, 2000


charles said...

Lovely photo. I look forward to checking out your website.

Tim said...

Wonderful Capture!

Toy Camera Play said...

Thanks guys! Much appreciated.