Thursday, June 5

Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, FL

Ok, so what does a Polaroid photographer shoot when one goes to one of Florida's most famous gardens? Well, the walking path ... what were you thinking? Flowers? It's a must see ... but warning ... if you show up with a Polaroid camera, expect to be looked at really funny. And the noise may be an issue to. :0) Enjoy! It's a must see so I posted the address below.

There are more images to see, but you'll have to come to the show at C. Emmerson in July. More to come!

Polaroid 600, (c) Matt Larson, 2008

Bok Towers Gardens

1151 Tower Blvd
Lake Wales, FL 33853
(863) 676-1408
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Anonymous said...

Go Bok! Did you know that Bok Tower is on the highest point in the peninsula of Florida? That's one of the many reasons that Lake Wales is called the crown jewel of the ridge... Thanks for sharing - I look forward to the C. Emerson show!

Toy Camera Play said...

Thanks Anonymous! This is just a tease for the show and it's just one frame of a bigger, better piece (another tease). Hope you make the exhibition at C. Emmerson. Make sure you tell me who you are ... so mysterious. I like that.


Topsy Turvy said...

I love this image.


Anonymous said...

If you put two and two together you could easily figure out who anonymous is. Although I like being thought of as mysterious, there are two BIG obvious clues that give away my identity - any guesses?

Anonymous said...

i love this image. Can I have it?