Monday, November 29

Thanks for your Support!

Backyard pano - the weather was PERFECT!

Works by Matt Larson, b/w silver prints and Polaroids

Works by Rebecca Sexton Larson

Art work was all throughout our studio home

View of flat file room looking into darkroom

Guests enjoyed the Patrons Lounge - big screen to watch the big game

B/W silver prints by Matt Larson - Holga works

View of backyard deck

Hallway looking into library

Tintypes on wall cubes by Rebecca Sexton Larson

Polaroids by Matt Larson & book signing

Dining room entry with table offering small works


Frank said...

Your home and studio are the perfect settings for your images. I especially like the high, roof-top shot...and the exclusive Patron's Lounge (very thoughtful for those "patrons who easily lose their footing). We are really looking forward to the MFA Friends of Photography gathering.

Toy Camera Play said...

Thanks Frank!

houses for sale said...

Very impressive! The clean, warm, uncluttered designs makes the place look so welcoming, festive and inviting.

Angelo H