Sunday, September 12

Collodion Workshop in Rochester, NY

Lake Ontario - Pier 45, Rochester, NY
iPhone,Plastic Bullet App , Photo by Diana Bloomfield

This past week, Becky and I took a week vacation to study the collodion image making process with France Scully Osterman in Rochester NY. I called it going old school. We gave ourselves some time to see some of the sites in Rochester.

High Falls, Rochester, NY, iPhone, Autostitch, (c) Matt Larson 2010

We hooked up with Diana Bloomfield a good friend of ours and wonderful artist from Raleigh, NC for this special private workshop with France that she arranged. I know what you're thinking ... why would Matt (aka ToyCameraPlay) attend this? ... and I thought why not, it's photography isn't it and it's a great opportunity to learn more about the craft. This trip was awesome from every aspect and one of the many highlights was a trip that Mark Osterman arranged -- a private tour of the Eastman Kodak House collection with Joe Struble (archivist/photo collection). What a moment we had for Joe had pulled out 12 or so prints of Alvin Langdon, Gertrude Kasebier and Frederick Evans. Big thanks to Mark and Joe both for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to see this work and for taking their time to visit with us! I tell them enough how much the three of us appreciated that tour. And no, I didn't introduce myself as ToyCameraPlay - but it did cross my mind. Just think, ToyCameraPlay was in "the house." With that said, here are some pics ...

Eastman House Gardens, Rochester, NY
iPhone, Autostitch, (c) Matt Larson 2010

Align CenterEastman House & Gardens, Rochester, NY
iPhone, Plastic Bullet App , (c) Matt Larson 2010

Eastman House , Rochester, NY
Argus Bean (toy camera), sepia mode , (c) Matt Larson 2010

The Eastman House was exciting, interesting, inspiring and a MUST see if you're into photography ... I had no idea Eastman House collected all types of photography outside of the Kodak brand. As a marketing guy I have to question their marketing strategy on getting the word out. I'm just saying, I would have been there much sooner than later. Here are are some iPhone and Argus Bean photos of the Eastman house.

During the two-day workshop with France, we were given the opportunity to do both Ambrotypes and Tintypes. Below are our portraits we did of each other.

Note these two ambrotypes are basically raw scans (sizing and toning only) and the lack of touch-up is intentional to be true to the final image represented on glass.

Portrait of Matt, Ambrotype (glass)
(c) Rebecca Sexton Larson, 2010

Portrait of Becky, Ambrotype (glass)
(c) Matt Larson, 2010

To see some of Becky's wonderful still-life images from the workshop, check out her blog,


Frank said...

If I didn't know you two I'd swear your images were captured a century ago as you made your way by wagon across the Great Plains.

You've reached a new pinacle with the modern equipment and ancient technigues. Keep at it. Very impressive Matt!

Toy Camera Play said...

Thanks Frank! France and her husband really know the process inside and out. Together, they would make a great show here in Tampa for some lucky museum.

wandering holga said...

Those last two portraits are lovely