Thursday, December 17

The Art-O-Mat Project

Well, I'm almost ready for my first shipment to Art-O-Mat.

I think this is the perfect fit for ToyCameraPlay and it has been a fun one to work on this past week. I'm printing select toy camera images shot with the various cameras mentioned here on my blog and sizing the images to 2" x 3", which is the image size of the paper for the Polaroid Zink printer and the Art-O-Mat blocks. They were made for each other.

All and all, this isn't going to be a money maker but I think it's a great way
to promote my blog, get more followers, market my images and build a new collector base. I also plan to have buyers e-mail me and tell me where they bought their piece of art and which piece they bought.

I think it should make 2010 a fun year! Let me know if you find one in a machine next year (they won't be until late January before these are available).

Holga Image, cropped for Art-o-Mat Project.

Polaroid Image, cropped for Art-o-Mat Project.

iPhone Image, cropped for Art-o-Mat Project.

Mini Diana Image, cropped for Art-o-Mat Project.

All photographs (c) Matt Larson, 2009

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oneperson said...


I'm gonna Tweet/FB this blog piece today, this evening!

Way to go Matt!!