Sunday, September 20

Finally! A Toy Camera Printer!

Wow! A toy camera printer! Life is complete.

So I spent the afternoon testing this little POLAROID jewel for I have an idea for a project I've been wanting to do with my toy camera images. In my hand is an image of wall art shot with my iPhone. This image is painted on the back wall of my favorite breakfast place--First Watch in DT Tampa. Exiting the printer is one of my favorite Polaroid 600 images of some man-made oyster domes in Old Tampa Bay that was cropped to fit the format of this printer ... to the right is an image recently shot from my Argus Bean on a trip to Kentucky. And below is a Holga image of an old church in Santa Fe, while on a trip to hear Keith Carter many moons back, one of my all time favorite photographers . Anyway, can't spoil the surprise yet, but I'm testing, testing, testing and have high hopes for this fun blue tooth toy polaroid printer.

Toy camera images printed with toy camera printer
(c) Matt Larson, 2009


Denis Gaston said...

Wow, how cool is that!
You've got all the neat stuff.

Toy Camera Play said...

I'll share! It took a while to figure it out. I never printed via Blue Tooth. It's really cool and will work perfectly for my marketing project. :0)

C Gary Moyer said...

I got one for Xmas. I really wish it worked with the iPhone though.