Friday, August 7

Crazy, Busy Week ... TGIF!

It was a very busy work week for we're trying to get a handle on the numerous events we sponsor in the community. It's like trying to organize someone's house and they've been living in it for 15 years!

Times are changing in the newspaper and television industry as we and our readers discover the many ways we consume information ... so many ways and so many choices. Think about it, over the past 200 years we've changed a lot in the way we communicate. First it was newspapers ... books ... phones ... then radio ... then TV ... computers ... cell phones ... the internet ... cable ... direct TV ... digital radio ... smart phones (iPhones and Black Berries) ... now we have blogs, Twitter, Facebook, it just goes on and on. In all this technological madness, especially this past decade, our business of gathering and producing NEWS is evolving.
Not dying, but evolving.

We're in a period where we're (even in marketing) having to look at ways to keep doing what we're doing with the means and tools we have ... hence the work, I mentioned above that we've been doing on how to handle, offer, and provide sponsorships without being a financial burden on the enterprise (TV, newspaper and online).

This leads me to today, where I was fortunate to attend an event where we are one of the many sponsors. We're (industry) evolving so our sponsorship is more about the whole business and not just about one of its entities. The event today was the Topping Out ceremony for the Glazer Children Museum here in Tampa.
This museum is going to do so much for the kids and families of Tampa Bay and that is why it's one of our key partnerships and one that I'm proud to be a part of. Even though the week was crazy, this particular sponsorship made it all worth while.

Here are some photos from today's Topping Out ceremony.

Crowd listens as speakers explain the significance of this ceremony.
The event was mostly attended by sponsors and the workers on site.

Sandy Murman opens the event and later introduces the other speakers.

I couldn't pass up this hardhat worn by one of the workers! Too cool.

Everyone got to make a handprint on the banner.
Except me, I forgot and was busy taking photos.

As I was walking away, I looked back and notice the TREE for this Topping Out celebration. It was the best tree topping I've ever seen and I've been in this town long enough to see every building get one. Sad but true. If you're not a FAN of the Glazer Children's Museum on Facebook yet, do it now. It's time to get involved and give your support.


Frank said...

Your coverage and post were very good. Tons of enthusiasm for the project and you captured the participants and obviously, loved the tree.(Maybe they'll let you take it home??)

Toy Camera Play said...

Na ... it has a great view right were it is. Thanks for reading for I hate to rant like that. Try to let the photos do the talking. :0)

Glazer Children's Museum said...

Thanks for sharing the event in words and pictures.