Tuesday, June 2

Road Trip--Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY

We thought we would take the Mini Cooper for a spin to see family in Kentucky. What a fun ride it has been so far. Today we took a ride through a cemetery that was highly recommended to us. It's located in the center of Louisville--if you go, plan to spend a day. It's worth it.

Unique statutes are everywhere ... many icons we've never seen before. The grounds are well kept and beautiful sitting with rolling hills.

The weather was perfect for us all day.

This is the largest concentration of Civil War soldiers we've seen. Pictured above is just one of at least three areas within the ground dedicated to Civil War veterans.

The Mini was a good spotter and was the perfect size to navigate the tight turns.

(C) Matt Larson, 2009
Argus Bean toy camera
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Topsy Turvy said...

Purty pictures - especially the mini.


Toy Camera Play said...

Thanks! The Mini really made the trip fun to do.

ZenGirlie said...

Nice pictures.

I own a Subaru outback sport, but was thinking of getting a Mini Cooper. Are they comfortable on long drives? How is the maintenance? Reliable? Just curious.

Toy Camera Play said...

We liked it. Too new to answer the maintenance question ... but they said they'll fix anything needed fixing if manufacture defect or failure. Free oil changes for a year--but was told you only change the oil once a year! Watch out if you get the turbo--ask about the price of those tires on those cars! ($350 each)

Anyway, loved the ride but it can get away from you if you don't watch it ... found myself going 85, 90 & 95 easily. :0)

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