Thursday, June 25

iPhone Captures Plain White T's!

Sound Check!

It was great meeting the members of Plain White T's Wednesday in the studio of Daytime! (NBC, News Channel 8) in Tampa. The band did two songs and were a huge hit. Great guys too! I gave Tom Higgenson my Flickr card so hopefully he'll stop by the blog and leave a comment. I didn't know they were coming to visit Daytime! so all I had was my iPhone with me.

One day soon, I'll post my old rock photos of some great 70 & 80s bands (Kiss, Frampton, Mother's Finest, Led Zeppelin, etc.) ... I sure miss those days of going to concerts and taking pictures.

The Plain White T's were great all around ... their personality, putting up with numerous sound checks, the delays, etc. It was during those times their true good nature and character showed ... truely a great group of guys and I wish them well. Going to get the CD this weekend!

Those of you in Tampa, Watch Daytime! today (Friday) ... you won't be disappointed.

Live! taping for Daytime!

(c) Matt Larson, 2009
iPhone Photos
Camera Bag, Helga Effect


Frank said...

You took these pics with an IPHONE??!!

Toy Camera Play said...

Yep. But afterwards, I used an iPhone APP called "camera bag" and used the "helga" filter that emulates the Holga toy camera. I love Camera Bag. All photos on the blog are shot with one of my toy cameras--no Nikons or Canons allowed. :0)