Sunday, May 31

Video Short--Mammoth Cave Hike

(c) Matt Larson, 2009
Toy Camera Video Short
Shot with Augus Bean Toy Camera
(original raw footage shortage)


Denis Gaston said...

Uh, I think the cave is the other way Matt.

Toy Camera Play said...

You're right. The Cave was really, really dark. So this is actually the Hike After Touring Mammoth Cave.

Toy Camera Play said...

True story, I lost the bean on this hike ... went back to the car ... realized I had lost it. Ran all the way down the trail to find it. Found it and hiked back to the car where Becky was waiting. These photos were lost and then found. I was very lucky because I had a feeling where I lost the camera. And I found it. Now, I'm a hurting dude. I'm so sore I can't begin to tell you.

Topsy Turvy said...

Ooh, this could be the sequal to Blair Witch, although the shaky camera was making me dizzy.