Saturday, May 9

Backyard Studio for Boxfotos!


Here's my documentation of the shed conversion into a painting studio.
I love this little trailer I have ... I think I actually use it EVERY weekend.

Home Depot had everything I needed to get started. Yes, there were multiple trips.
Below is a view of the inside before I started this little project.

... full of frames and extra furniture.

I used regular insulation and then this 1/2" board insulation for extra sound proofing. The studio is close to our back fence and the neighbors have a couple of loud kids that like to scream when playing in the pool. I have to say, this extra step has proved to be very effective. It was tested good today.

I'm proud to say, it's done. I've converted a storage shed into a painting studio for my wife. This has been a dream for us for some time and we just decided to do it. I can't believe how nice it's turned out--considering it was me (the photographer) doing it. Special thanks to brother Tony and good friend Paul for assisting me on key days when I was about to snap. It took three weekends longer than expected, but it was well worth the time! And my wife, Boxfotos, deserves it! Enjoy Becky. Now go make some art!

Inside view, showing drafting table and shelving. And her favorite naked mannequin boy.


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Denis Gaston said...

Wow! Great studio.
Can I expect to see a PBS video -
"This New Converted Shed" shot with an Argus bean?