Wednesday, April 29

Images from the Argus Bean!

Well yesterday my cameras arrived (two of them--a blue and red one). This morning I got up a little early anxious to test my new toy camera and to catch the early morning light. This Argus Bean camera is by far the best toy digital camera I've ever tested and used. It's really nice and enables me to shoot in color, sepia or b/w. Since I've always toned my silver prints with Poly Toner, I selected the built-in sepia filter. Love it.

A surprise is that this crafty little jewel also shoots video amazingly well. So look forward to more of my toy video productions to come (see earlier post--way, way back). I guess this weekend I'll have to take that hike to really put the Argus Bean to the test. You have to buy one of these yourself or better yet, pass one to your kids and let them have fun. I hear they're currently on sale at BEST BUY for around $49 (regularly $69 or so). I know I sold four of these today to co-workers (all have kids). Sent all to the Argus Bean link above.

Many years back with ASMP, I remember working on a community project where we gave disposable cameras to kids from the Boys & Girls Club for a photo project. That would be fun to do again with this camera ...

Anyway, Summer is here so if you find yourself looking for a good, afordable camera for your vacation, hike, etc., make sure you consider the Argus Bean. Here are a few picks from my travels today ... enjoy!

NBC Tower in Tampa where I work--we call it The News Center.

My new dog, Princess, is very curious about and is not sure
about the Argus Bean. Oh, we call her "long nose."

Old Baptist Church I pass on the way to work.

Side window of same church.

Sulphur Springs Park

Argus Bean Toy Camera
All images (c) Matt Larson, 2009


Denis Gaston said...

Nice shots Matt.
Very cool camera too.
So, do you upload these photos to your i-phone and then upload them to your blog?

Toy Camera Play said...

No. You can you cable from camera to computer ... or just take out the SD disc and download it to you computer. I'm hoping for a video opportunity for it really is perfect for the web. Thanks (as always) for commenting!

Maria1975 said...

Great photos! I came across your site when I was looking for ways to download the photos of my Little BeanSprout to my Apple. Thus far, haven't found a way. If you don't mind sharing, do you have a mac? What driver did you use?

Toy Camera Play said...

I've sent a Twitter direct message to ArgusBean for you. I'll let you know what he says ... find him on Twitter @AugusBean


Anonymous said...

I also cannot figure out how to dump these photos to my iMac off the beansprout. anyone?