Wednesday, December 24



I wanted to thank everyone for following my blog this year, it has been a blast working on it and sharing what I've been working on. Considering how CRAZY my life has been at work (three job title changes and dodging multiple layoffs) throughout 2008, I'm proud I was able to keep the blog going ... from our first Open Studio Sale to my year-long Polaroid Project.

Now that the Polaroid Project is done, I wanted a new header to reflect where I'm going in 2009, work-wise. Thanks goes to BOXFOTOS for designing it for me--she rocks! And I'm happy to say, it's back to film. It's back to my faithful Diana and Holga cameras! And to the 10 rolls of unprocessed film that is a year-plus old now. I'll share the contact sheets with you once the rolls are processed. I need to focus on making exhibition prints and getting in more exhibitions. Oh, and I do plan to self-publish a book on the Polaroids and will have that for sale soon. Watch for that! And finally, I want to put some movie clips on the blog ... yes, it will be with cheap, toy-like cameras too. Why? Why not.

This blog is taking over my identity ... it's by far surpassed my website and Matt Larson. That's okay for I thought that may happen, and it did. So, on the rail is now a link to SHOOTINGblind for those that need more information like past exhibitions, artist statement, etc., etc.

And I'm on Twitter too, everything I shoot with my iPhone (a new project) automatically feeds this blog. Note that when that happens, it does not generate a "post." It just appears, so you'll have to check back often. If you're on Twitter, look me up ... I'm TOYCAMERAPLAY. Go figure.

More changes and new stuff will be happening as all these changes and improvements happen ...

So to recap ... my new blog header reflects all my favorite cameras and therefore reflects the type images you'll see. My blog IS now my OFFICIAL website and TOY CAMERA PLAY is king. Business cards and t-shirts to come. T-shirts ... hummmm, anyone want a t-shirt. :0)

Thanks again for following ... thanks for your support!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


Richard P. said...

oo me me, I want a T-shirt. Ok, i want a yellow chicken holding a polaroid camera(old school,flip up kind) with a polaroid coming out of the camera,smoke all around and on the polaroid I want it to say...."Polaroid killed my chicken."

Toy Camera Play said...

That's a tall order ... I'll keep that one in mind. :0)