Sunday, September 14

Interior Finds in Dade City, Florida

Polaroids, TOP: # 161, BOTTOM: #160
(c) Matt Larson, 2008

It's always nice to get up to Dade City to visit our friends, favorite antique shops and eatery, which happens to be Lunch on Limoges. It's a must if you ever get up that way.

Regarding the two images I made for this posting, I love this painting (Polaroid #161) that was for sale at Old City Market, it shows a woman posing for a nude portrait. There is a strange since of awkwardness or maybe it's pensiveness in the woman's eyes that is mesmerizing. I think the painting was priced around $350 with the frame--I have a feeling I should have grabbed it. I was told it was a contemporary piece and that the artist was unknown. The old doors (Polaroid # 160) were found in the very next room. This particular store had gone out of business but the doors were being saved and were not for sale.

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