Sunday, June 29

I'll take, "Things you can find in a parking lot for $200."

iPhone, (c) Matt Larson, 2008

Today, Jet and I stayed in the car while Mom ran inside for a few items at Publix and Borders. At Borders a beautiful white Rolls-Royce pulls up a few slots away ... so I grabbed my Polaroid camera. The next stop was Publix and after a few minutes, I noticed all the carts outside and how the light was hitting all the handles of them--I thought it might make a cool shot too.

Very happy with today's finds--it was hard work. :0)

Sometimes, "the image" finds you and you just have to be ready and open for it. I guess that's what living in the moment means?


Denis said...

Let's see. Becky drives to the store, you stick your camera out the window and click a pic of my new ride. Hard work indeed!

Toy Camera Play said...

"Your new ride?" ... you must of gained some weight then. Ha

Hey, and just for the record, I did have to get out of the car ... I didn't just roll down the window. That's low.

Hey, maybe you could do a sketch from the parking lot of your favorite store? I challenge you!