Sunday, April 6

Hurricane Evacuation Route?

Couldn't help but think, with the hurricane season soon upon us, that this sign pretty much defines most of us. We're still of the mindset "Do I go ..." or "Do I stay...?" Just a little sign humor that popped in my head today as I navigated the roundabout (the true meaning of this sign).


Anonymous said...

Matt, Dense Girl here. Did it! Successfully posting - I've triumphed!

Luv the circular sign and your previous image of Bayshore crosses was beautiful - I jogged by them tonight. Wondering how long they will remain there.

Toy Camera Play said...

Success! Sorry you had trouble with leaving a comment, however, next time will be a breeze! I know signs are easy but the light was just right and I couldn't pass it up. And seriously, I immediately saw the Floridian "leave/don't leave" connection. Glad you like it, I almost didn't post it. Welcome to the world of blogging!