Tuesday, March 4

Rebecca Sexton Larson @ Gasparilla

It was a great weekend at the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts!

Thanks to all of our supporters for coming out and making it a wonderful weekend.

Congrats to Becky for getting her work into two prestigious collections too. boxfotos.blogspot.com


Jose 813 said...

Becky's new works really kicks. Very happy to see it recognized by being chosen for inclusion to two of the most important corporate collections in Tampa.

sheila bocchine said...

her work is so wonderful! i actually found your blog through her page!

Toy Camera Play said...

Thanks so much! I love how the blogging world works!

Nothing like being married to a photographer ... I've got to say, it's been great! And, we actually met in a photojournalism II class in college (26 years ago) ... married for 23!

Thanks again for visiting our sites!