Sunday, March 30

New Work -- Polaroid Triptychs

This is a sneak peak of some of my Polaroid triptychs I plan on exhibiting this summer. More information to come later ... but stay tuned, you'll be first to hear of the date, time and location.

I also plan to show many of the single images from earlier postings, as well as new ones as they develop in the weeks ahead. The exhibition will most like be a wall installation of 400 plus Polaroids. It will be fun!

And if you're wondering, these will be sold as "originals," one-of-a-kind. With that said, if you see anything you like on this blog so far, shoot me an email ( and I'll put your name on it (as sold when the exhibit goes up).


Anonymous said...

Very interesting.

boxfotos said...

I love your new triptychs!

Anonymous said...

Hey, were those taken in your yard? Looks lovely.

Toy Camera Play said...

Yes! Busted. It was a day that I ... well, let's just say I had to stay close by the house. So, I took a little hike around the yard. Try it yourself!