Saturday, March 22

Homage to Cadillac Ranch, Tampa

Bates (pictured above) owns an Airstream delaership east of Tampa, FL. He buried eight trailers in a similar fashion to that of Cadillac Ranch, 6 miles west of Amarillo, Texas. Photo credit: Charles J. Levin And Eric C. Gos / For Morris News Service

Bates says, "When he (Stanley Marsh 3) did it, he did it to pay homage to the Cadillac because it's a premiere car," Bates said. "I thought it was only appropriate to do it with the Airstream because it's a premiere trailer. The county is saying it's not art. They are saying it's junk. We are going to have to fight them in a hearing."

I've been wanting for the chance to photograph this installation. I love it ... and it's as good if not better than a lot of other public art that's in our community. I really hope it stays ... a joke or not, it's impressive to see. This image was shot with a Polaroid 600 camera.


Jose 813 said...

Great shot! Cant wait to see it for myself. Hope it's still there when I return to Tampa in a month or so.

Toy Camera Play said...

I hope so too. I think he's currently being fined $100 daily. I really like it there and feel it's public art. Plus, I'm a big fan of the Airstream brand!