Tuesday, October 20

I was able to find a good angle to remove all the shell paths leading to one of the Grottos at Saint Leo.

On this day, the gates were open giving me access to the inside. Beautiful when the candles are lit. Very peaceful too.

Prayers are written on pieces of paper and placed within the rocks.

All Photos (C) Matt Larson, 2009

Thought I would share a few photos I shot this past weekend at the Grotto in Saint Leo, Fl. Below is a written clip from the website of Saint Leo Abbey, Benedictine Monks & Retreat Center.

"On December 8, 1916, Father Augustine Feller, OSB offered the first Mass on the altar in the grotto. It is reported that 'the whole village of San Antonio, Florida made the first pilgrimage on foot-men, women, young and old, and the little Children." The annual custom of making this pilgrimage lasted for many decades."


Frank said...

The top shot is so cool. I would have idea where this was shot. A grotto?? I must wander up that way some time and explore.

Toy Camera Play said...

Thanks Frank! We'll have to do a road trip, I think your lovely would really like it.