Friday, December 5


I love the concept behind the reuse of these cigarette machines. What a great idea! I remember seeing this years ago in an article but to see one in person was a real treat. I'd love to have some of my Toy Camera Works included. The price was $5 for any piece ... I think they'd be fun to collect too.


Denis Gaston said...

Great promotional idea, but a poor income producer.

Toy Camera Play said...

Agree (and I hear you), but I think this is too cool to worry about the income from it. Sometimes, it should be about the marketing. I believe WE could figure out a cool way to produce a nice product for our young collector base, not lose money and market our art. Think of it as a nice premium item a company would give if you visited their kiosk at a trade show. Or what about the really young kids whom may visit an art center or museum with their parents, it's an opportunity for them to buy and display art for their rooms ... I view it as training our future art buyers. After all, these jewels are collectable! :0)