Sunday, November 2

Larson & Larson Open Studio, Nov. 15

Okay, we're about ready for our first Open Studio (Nov. 15, 11 a.m. til 8 p.m.) and here is a sneak peak for you blog followers. I told you that you would always be the first to know what's happening in the studio (the big benefit for blog subscribers!). Below are some shots I did this morning throughout the house ... if you can't make it to our Open Studio, you can always call us for an appointment. And one more item before you read on ... it's TOY CAMERA PLAY's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY !

Matt Larson
B/W Holga landscapes $250 (originally $500); Polaroids $70 (originally $125).

Rebecca Sexton Larson
Handpainted one-of-a-kind photographs 1/2 off gallery price.
tintypes ($75) and handpainted photos ($65)

Rebecca Sexton Larson
Take a few minutes to cruise through the flat file and see original works going back 10 years--this is truly a MUST see. Note our recent new acquisition (over the flat file) to our collection by Daniel Morgan. We try our best to add a piece to our personal collection every year as our gift to each other--we're celebrating 24 years! Happy Anniversary Boxfotos!

Rebecca Sexton Larson
Original mix media photos on wood panels

Rebecca Sexton Larson
This is the perfect chance to own one her large original photographs at a very affordable price! More Polaroids under the bench...

Matt Larson
Original Polaroids price at $50 (originally $125) ...

... that's the big sneak peak (as promised), we hope to see you on Saturday, Nov. 15.


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